Pickled is a collaborative project with a fellow illustrator, Ella Bruty. Here are several magazine spreads I created for this collaborative magazine, my illustration process involved a combination of paper cut, Papier-mâché and ink. This edition of Pickled magazine celebrates the abundance of food that Scotland has to offer and opens your eyes to such delights as Perthshire berries, Aberdeen Angus beef, Ayrshire cheese and West Coast seafood. Scotland has a worldwide reputation for its quality and diverse range of regional produce. It has a vibrant landscape with rich and fertile soils, boasting a variety of wildlife from pheasants to red deer and shores that enable sea life to thrive thus creating an ideal fishing environment. Cheese makers, fishmongers, butchers, distilleries, restaurants, cafes, pubs and bistros line the streets, creating a foodie haven in the cities and towns. We are at times disassociated with our food sources and so, with this in mind, it is important to think twice about where our food comes from and to make the most of the local produce that Scotland has to offer.

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